We use the air, to improve your community Internet.

BigAir Community Broadband is Australia's leading provider of Managed Internet Services for student accommodation, and a division of the publicly listed BigAir Group Limited (ASX:BGL).

We provide our customers with more ways to deliver world-class on-demand broadband Internet services to their community members, whether they're students in residence, guests, or mining workers in remote communities.

BigAir Community Broadband Service

We have been proudly providing broadband Internet service into guest-based accommodation environments around Australia since the 1990s. This includes student accommodation, resorts and conference centres, holiday villages and entertainment complexes.

Our operating principles have always been, and continue to be, based on delivering an exceptional experience to our clients and their respective users. We're committed to continuous improvement and are excited about being able to expand our service capability.

Bigger and Better 

BigAir Community Broadband has become part of Australia's largest independent Fixed Wireless Ethernet network, which enables us to deliver many benefits to you. Using this network, your site can now enjoy unmatched high-speed Broadband Internet connections.

These resources provide essential Internet services to communities nationwide, whether they are large or small, wired or wireless, simple to complex, CBD, regional or remote.

Whether you seek internet access for a student campus, or a managed Internet solution for a community environment, BigAir Community Broadband can help.

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